Turkish Carpet Cleaning Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish carpet cleaning, Turkey carpet cleaning manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality carpet cleaning from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

YORUKOGLU LTD. STI.        Türkiye     harun bilir    
s carpet cleaning, wool, fleece, construction materials, group games, wrought iron, rack
s cleaning services, carpet cleaning, pest fumigation services
MARKAM PLASTIK AMBALAJ LTD. STI.        Türkiye     hakan yorulmaz    
s athletics, bags, carpet cleaning, construction, dry cleaning, food, pouches, textiles
AKTAS TEMIZLIK VE KOZM. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Zehra KÖROĞLU    
s asprin, cleaning chemicals, cleaning products, home cleaning products, industrial cleaning products, detergents, hygiene products, air freshener, anti-limescale powder, auto and room spray, bathroom cleaning, bleach, car hygiene, carpet care group, carpet cleaning, cleaning cream, compartment shiner, curtain conditioner, fabric softener, fil-disi asprin, glass cleaner, glass cleaning agent, hydrochloric acid, industrial hygiene, kitchen hygiene, laundry detergent, liquid soap, soap, soda ash, napkin, laundry soap, tissue, wood cleaner, liquid hand soap, personal hygiene products, rust remover, muriatic acid, room spray, laundry softener, paper napkin, lime remover, stain remover, oil remover, personal hygiene, spirit of salt, liquid cream, washing hygiene products, washing liquid, kitchen hygiene products, laundry hygiene products, surface hygiene products, industrial hygiene products, car hygiene products, veil conditioner, air freshener gemix, room spray gemix, ultra washing liquid, laundry soda, washing soda, sal soda, surface cleaning, multi purpose spray, rust solvent, bathroom cleaning derz, magic liquid, scouring powder, marine acid, hci, air freshener melisa, room spray melisa, auto spray, paper towel, paper towel famed, lavatory paper, toilet roll, toilet tissue, lavatory paper famed, toilet roll famed, toilet paper famed, compartment varnish, toilet paper, soda, antil-limescale powder, laundry hygiene, surface hygiene, washing hygiene
TANK MAKINA SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s carpet cleaning, clean carpet, carpet clean, cleaning carpet, cleaning carpets, clean carpets, carpets cleaning, carpet equipment, cleaning machine, clean machine, machine cleaning, steam cleaning, steam clean, cleaning steam, cleaning equipment, cleaning equipments, vapor steam, carpet cleaning machine, carpet clean machine, cleaning carpet machine, clean carpet machine, carpets cleaning machine, carpet cleaning products, carpet cleaning tools, dry carpet cleaning, professional carpet cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, carpet cleaning wands, carpet cleaning supply, carpet dry cleaning, home carpet cleaning, dry clean carpet, dry cleaning carpet, cleaning equipment, cleaning machine, cleaning equipments, carpet cleaning, carpet cleaning machine, carpet cleaning products
BIRTEM ENDUSTRIYEL TEMIZLIK MAK.        Türkiye     mustafa USLU    
s cleaning equipment, carpet machines, drying machine, cleaning machine, floor scrubbers, carpet equipment, industrial cleaning, floors cleaning machines, cleaning supplies, janitorial supplies, supplies commercial, machine cleaner, floor equipment, cleaning, cleaners industrial, supply carpet, cleaning tools, floor machines, scrubbing machine, equipment commercial, janitorial equipment, wash, carpet scrubber, floor cleaning, industrial floor, price cleaning, professional cleaning, clean manufacturing, product commercials, home dry, janitorial cleaning, used dry, cleaning materials, cleaning products, carpet cleaning, wholesale cleaning, laundry equipment, machines commercial
s industrial cleaning machine, vacuum cleaner, stopper, piston pim, crankshaft seal, ceramic piston, carpet cleaning
MEGA GARAJ EKIPMANLARI LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Uğur Güler    
s garage equipments, garage tools, wheel wheels, toolboxes boxed system, cnc tool cabinets, sliding-door cabinets, team suspended boards, wheel switches, screwdriver, hitachi electric hand tools, pneumatic hand tools, pneumatic impulse, plate shears, head protectors, compressor, respiratory systems, vice, electric chain hoist, silent compressor, generator, suits, welding machines, hand tools, safety equipment, construction materials, ladder, welding machine, overalls, hose, tool trolleys, fire equipment, cleaning equipment, toolboxes, pipe vice, service equipment, crane systems, jacks, lifts, seat cover, paint guns, measuring instruments, screw compressor, hitachi freze, lukas, computer cabins, compact archive systems, work cars, drawer cabinets, industrial cabinets, moving the team suspended boards, staff lockers, transport equipment, altas hand tools, hammers, team bags, altas team bags, pipe switches, hitachi hand tools, hitachi drill, hitachi electric screwdriver, emery, jigsaw, pneumatic angle grinding, osaka pneumatic hand tools, kl pneumatic hand tools, pneumatic drill, pneumatic mixer, pneumatic caulk attractive, pneumatic molder grinding, pneumatic hood exhaust, pneumatic tire clearance, scraps, pipe bending, paint mixer, mortar mixer, metal tool bags, plastic tool bags, upright drill, sanding motors, work jackets, gardener's clothing, chemical work clothes, welder products, eye protection, ear protection, gas masks, warning signs, high-voltage supplies, parking systems, labour security equipment, levers, tire equipment, search and rescue vehicles, lubrication equipment, fire clothes, carpet cleaning, spray pump, water balance, kinds of wire, exhaust reel, gasoline welding generator, compressed air tank
SUMAK METAL LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Mehmet SUMAK    
s metal sheets, sheets, plates, iron sheets, cnc laser cutting services, cnc metal bending services, metal welding services, agriculture metal products, milling metal products, heavy vehicle metal products, automotive metal products, shelving products, elevator products, lift products, food machinery products, industrial kitchen products, weapon spares, weapon spare parts, landscaping products, parking land products, souvenirs, ventilation products, heating products, cooling products, patterns, machine, sumakmachine, sumakcarpetmachine, sumakcarpetcleaningmachine, sumakcarpetwashingmachine, washing, cleaning, clear, wash, carpet cleaning, carpet washing, carpet cleaning machine, carpet washing machine, carpet packing machine, carpet spinning machine, carpet packing, carpet spinning, carpet dry machine, drying machine, carpet drying machine, souvenir, carpet, machines, moulds, sheet, metal sheet, street lighting products, drying, dryer, iron sheet, industrial kitchen product, electronic metal boxes, cnc laser cutting service, cnc metal bending service, metal welding service, agriculture metal product, milling metal product, heavy vehicle metal product, automotive metal product, shelving product, elevator product, lift product, food machinery product, weapon spare, weapon spare part, landscaping product, parking land product, ventilation product, spinning
NERGIS TUKETIM A.S.        Türkiye     Salih Oğuz YILMAZ    
s white goods, home appliances, home electronic, household appliances, vacuum cleaner, carpet washer vacuum cleaner, carpet washing machine, carpet washing equipments, carpet cleaners, carpet cleaner, carpet washer, carpet washers, carpet cleaning machine, carpet cleaning machines, carpet cleaning equipments, carpet cleaning, carpet washing, vacuum cleaners, wet vacuum cleaner, dry vacuum cleaner, dry type vacuum cleaner, wet type vacuum cleaner, wet type vacuum cleaners, dry vacuum cleaners, wet vacuum cleaners
s carwash products, textile products, carpet cleaning, food products, construction materials, carwash product, textile product, carpet cleaning service, food product, construction material