SALLY SHAMPOO ANTI-DANDRUFF With its specially developed formula helps get rid of flakes and irritation, leaving the hair smooth and refreshed. Brings relief for itchy scalp. Enjoy the cooling freshness for much longer with natural menthol! SALLY SHAMPOO TOTAL CARE Professional hair treatment formulated to gently cleanse and provide intensive care for dry, lifeless, weak and damaged hair. Leaves your hair soft and shiny. SALLY SHAMPOO VIVID COLORS Professional hair treatment formulated to enhance color radiance and provide maximum hair color protection. Anti-fade system for long-lasting color purity and protecting filter against harmful UV rays. SALLY SHAMPOO VOLUME BOOST Professional hair treatment formulated to give each strand of hair a beautiful boost, making even the thinnest and weakest hair appear denser and stronger. Refreshes your hair and prevents excessive scalp oiling.


Remaining : 50

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